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A little about me

Hi! I'm Jess Tomkowicz, or as my students call me, Ms. Jess. This is my second year teaching at Christ the King, but it will be my fourteenth year teaching! I am so excited to be part the Christ the King family, and welcoming you all into my classroom!

Previous to Christ the King, I was the Academic Director at an Early Education program called Frog & Toad. My passion is curriculum, and bringing learning to life for my students. During my time at Frog & Toad, I worked to develop teacher's ability to create and implement comprehensive, well-rounded, child-centered curriculum. 

My family and I live in Colchester, and enjoy spending time outside in the backyard and pool, and ice skating in the Winter. 

My Philosophy

My teaching philosophy revolves around child-centered instruction and play-based learning. I believe that at the PreK level, children learn best by being immersed in an environment that lends itself to being the second teacher.


In the classroom, you will see that with each new theme we study, the classroom will be transformed to suit learning at every turn. Each center will have activities and manipulatives that further enhance the theme we are learning about. 

I also believe that each child is an individual, and work hard to ensure that my teaching meets every child where they are. You will see that there are multiple different activities that practice the same skill - in effort to differentiate instruction for each student's strengths and interests. 

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